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Discover the smallest theater in the world

The Teatro della Concordia (1808) is the world's smallest active historical theater

All the features of the biggest classical theaters but in miniature
Guided tours • Cultural events • Meetings • Civil weddings
Only 99 places and all the elements of the 19th-century theater in Italy in the smallest existing size.
• Guided visits • Cultural events • Meetings • Civil Marriages.

With less than 200 square meters of emotional and artistic space, the Teatro della Concordia became a witness to the fact that "civilization is not measured by volume or square meters", as the nine families wrote.
How can you disagree with them... In this space with only 37 seats in the stalls, which, when combined with the 62 seats located in the two tiers of boxes, add up to a total of 99 seats, Alongside the stage, there are two dressing rooms, a meeting room, a foyer, facilities, and an exhibition room.
In a wonderfully reduced and stylistically beautiful proportion, all the elements of the Italian Goldonian Theater are present, making it the smallest theater in existence for functional completeness, architectural technique, and size.

For over twenty years, the Theater of Concordia Society, now a social promotion association, has aimed to protect, promote, and enhance the historical and artistic heritage of the structure, while serving as a catalyst and aggregator of tourism in the area.
It has carried out uninterrupted activities thanks to dedicated volunteers and staff who have coordinated programming, and welcomed enthusiastic visitors.
Twenty years of care given to visitors, the excitement of newlyweds, the enchantment of schoolchildren, the excitement of artists, the hopes of innovators, and the elegant composure of conference attendees and spectators.
Twenty years of all of You with Us.

Alive and filled with events. The historical-emotional visits to the Theater-Museum every weekend, holidays, and pre-holidays, the performances of the theater season, the reception and management of team-building events, conferences, civil wedding ceremonies, and customized performances, as well as romantic moments for declaring love, form a mix of activities that allow for broad enjoyment and contribute to the preservation of a truly unique theatrical architecture in the world!

Discover stories, events, and curiosities that have made the history of the world's smallest theater.

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In the magical atmosphere of the world's smallest theater

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Rita Levi Montalicini
Nobel Prize in Medicine
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With the utmost admiration for the smallest and most beautiful theater in the world!
Roberto Saviano
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This is the most exciting theater in the world!
Vincenzo Cardellicchio
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An affection and great regard for a gem to be cherished in the hearts of all! La Concordia is a constantly alive, universal, self-regenerating, and inclusive feeling
From the visitors' book
Paola C.
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The world's smallest theater that has preserved an elegant atmosphere since 1808. Its motto, 'Civilization is not measured in meters and volume,' the rest is to be discovered while comfortably seated in one of the 99 red velvet seats

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